The nearby village of Platischis, where Bosco delle Rune is based, is located at 663 m a.s.l. and is one of the districts of the larger municipality of Taipana, an almost uncontaminated territory that offers a wide range of places of naturalistic and landscape interest, connected by a dense network of naturalistic and dirt roads perfectly accessible, both on foot and by bicycle, scattered with water jumps, springs and caves.
There are many activities …

Bicycle touring

The rural cycling tourism that you can practice on the roads and paths of our territory will make you have direct contact with nature, with its biodiversity, away from cars and busy roads, on roads where there are no cycle paths and where mountain biking, or a bike suitable for uneven terrain, is the best choice. Bosco delle Rune has bikes for hire, a rest area with a bike shelter, a charging station for e-bikes and a small workshop for small repairs and tyre inflating.
Bosco delle rune


The excursions, guided or not, for trained people and / or entire families that can be done in the area to discover silent woods, waterfalls and breath-taking views, will reveal an uncontaminated nature, essential ingredients for living days in the name of discovery and fun. The accessible routes highlighted on the map “Tabacco nr. 26 of the Julian Pre-Alps “or the one proposed by the network of companies ” Naturalmente insieme “also lead to the various local companies and businesses where you can taste and buy different delicacies at Zero Km.

Here are some of the possible routes:

  • Section of the Heavenly Way (Cammino Celeste)
  • Hike of the Gran Monte
  • Hike of the Zuffine
  • Hike of the Natisone’s source
  • Cukula Falls nature trail
  • Hike of the Rio Boncic
  • Ring Hike of Kompera / Mala Rauan
  • Ring Hike of Ovejak / Mount Rauan / Sant’Antonio
  • Ring Hike of Zore / Taipana
  • … And many others to be discovered!


One of the most beautiful tourist attractions, in the area and in Alta Val Torre in general, is the fascinating underground system of the Villanova Caves … to be visited!
Grotte Villanova

Horse Riding

The nearby “Campo di Bonis” equestrian center allows our guests to participate at horse riding courses, training courses or plain lessons and horseback riding trails for those who want to approach or try their hand at this sport.

Nordic walking

In the heart of the Julian Pre-Alps, between fords and waterfalls, in the land of bears, the practice of this Nordic walking discipline, possible for people of any age, is an excellent activity to increase one’s physical vigour and improve overall health and mental vitality. Our structure can assist you in this experience with the equipment for hire and / or accompanying you on the routes.
Bosco delle rune
Bosco delle rune

Tiro con l’arco

Archery does not in any case aim to achieve something external, with a bow and arrow, but internal and with itself. Bow and arrow are, so to speak, only a pretext for something that could happen even without them, only the way to a goal, not the goal itself, only supports for the final and decisive leap.
(from ” Zen in the Art of Archery” by E. Herrigel)

Equipment and… suggestions available to guests.

Solarium and outdoor games for adults and children

The property has a reserved area dedicated to heliotherapy and outdoor games for adults and children.
Bosco delle rune