Armonie Aromatiche

The company “Armonie Aromatiche“, born from Laura‘s love for nature and her passion for essential oils, herbal teas and infusions, deals with the cultivation of small fruits, aromatic and medicinal plants. The products obtained from selected raw materials, certified organic (CCPB certification body of Bologna), are processed manually, in a natural way and without additives.
Beekeeping, developed conventionally and in collaboration with Bosco delle Rune, offers honey as a classic beehive product, but also a series of related apitherapy activities that you have to discover.
The educational farm completes the company’s activities and offers the chance to follow educational and sensory paths and to discover the cultivated medicinal plants, their scents and their uses.
Raspberries, with their bright red color and delicious taste, are fruits rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, which make them a highly recommended food to consume. For our cultivation we have focused on a remontant variety that allows us to harvest the fruits from June to October, then to sell them both fresh and transformed into jam, or dried.
Currants are delicious fruits and incredibly rich in vital properties for health, as they contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Their characteristic bitter taste, with a subtle acidulous touch, is suitable not only for refreshing drinks, but also for making preserves and sauces to accompany roasted meats, especially game. Grown in the three varieties black, white and red, the berries are harvested between June and July and then sold fresh, dried or in jam.

Officinal aromatic plants

The cultivated varieties, selected according to the beekeeping activity too, are particularly loved by bees, thus obtaining multiple benefits for plants, bees and for the production of honey. Lemon balm, mint, echinacea, tarragon, hyssop, savory, hypericum, calendula, thyme, sage are some of the varieties, that you can have individually dried or in preparations for herbal teas and cooking mixes.

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