“As a bee takes the essence of a flower, and flies away without destroying its beauty and perfume,
so let the sage wander in this life.”


Gianni is passionate about the bees’ fantastic world; upon his arrival in Platischis and after attending a course with beekeepers’ friends, he began breeding the first bee families which, over the years, have increased.
The ongoing decision to use traditional Slovenian Anton Žnidersič (AZ) hives and to pursue a natural and respectful style of bee breeding, aims at allowing the various families to be free to organically develop their natural vital manifestations. without prioritizing their productive exploitation. To this end, the use of swarming, as a natural method for the formation of new colonies and the use of organic acids and biological methods for the containment of varroa, limited to the various and peculiar environmental conditions.
The continuous studying, the implementation of natural breeding techniques, including the preparation of suitable pastures of officinal herbs, the desire for a conscious and respectful approach towards bees grant everlasting amazement when interacting with these incredible beings, whose aggregation gives life to what is defined … the “superorganism”.
The later collaboration of Bosco delle Rune with the company Armonie Aromatiche di Laura allows us to offer, in addition to the typical products of the hive (honey, pollen, etc.), also apitherapy activities to be discovered (aerosols, massages, etc.).
Bosco delle rune

"Capii che un uomo, oltre a vivere per il proprio bene personale,
deve inevitabilmente contribuire al bene degli altri:
se dobbiamo prendere un paragone dal mondo degli animali,
allora occorre prenderlo dal mondo degli animali sociali, come le api."

Lev Tolstoj