Gianni Gentilini

“Lift up your hearts!”

Bosco delle rune
I introduce myself, I am Gianni Gentilini, I think I am a direct, determined person, with a good spirit of initiative, it’s easy for me to set priorities and take on responsibilities for them; I have a strong orientation towards achieving my goals while following a path of motivation and personal growth.
My personal and professional life path, so far, has trained my independent work organization and its overall vision; I learned that a good working method, an essential and effective communication combined with the development of one’s personal culture, are a valid support in the performance of daily activities and one’s own growth path.
All this must be supported by a good ability to adapt to unexpected and contingent situations, according to an old and healthy motto: “Improvise, adapt and reach the goal!”
I am deeply convinced that the positive energy that comes from a true collaboration between people that are different, determined, aware and with clear and shared goals, sharing the same vision of life, can make a difference in the society in which we live.
Reference sectors: woodland activities, beekeeping, tourist accommodation.