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If you are a willing person who wants to collaborate with us, find out how!
The Bed & Breakfast, a camping area for your tent or camper … you can choose how to live your adventure!
Recreational activities for a relaxing week-end or educational activities and courses of various kinds … have a look.
The available products are natural, grown, bred and processed locally.
Find out about the upcoming events and sign up to participate.
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Would you like to cooperate with us?
Find out how!

Our activities

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For Tourists

Accommodation, hiking, trails, educational activities and various courses. With our hospitality we would like to offer you a unique experience.

For Families

The Wood is family-friendly, with organized activities for adults and children.
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For Schools

How does a farm work and how is it organized? How do we make our products? We can explain it and show it to your students!
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For Businesses

Would you like to organize an event, a course / training course or cooperate with us? Contact us to find out more!

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"Bosco delle Rune"

Bosco delle Rune is part of the business network "Naturalmente insieme" - Taipana (UD)

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