Liana Rampogna

“Do things seriously, without taking yourself too seriously!”

Bosco delle Rune
I am Liana Rampogna, I spent my life in school and now I’m a farmer in the Agricultural Society of Platischis. Here I arrived through different paths, eventually converging: some random events, the retirement perspective, but above all my interest, I would almost say my sense of gratitude, towards the plant world. Last but not least, the need, in an increasingly virtual reality, to return to something as real and fundamental as cultivation for the production of food, as much as possible, respectful of the balance between the environment and the living. The organic practice was an obvious, positive consequence even if it did not always prove to be simple or easy. But all this adventure has for me the connotation of a challenge: work to see if the proposed social production model is actually the only feasible one, to understand if as an individual I still have a space for action and which one it is, to know and acquire new skills but also using the existing ones.
Reference sectors: organic farming, transformation of organic products, tourist accommodation.

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