The energy of many,
the natural pristine environment,
traditions and locations enhancement,
all this is “naturalmente insieme”.

naturalmenteinsieme taipana
The company, born from the owner’s love for Nature and passion for essential oils, deals with the cultivation of small fruits, aromatic and medicinal plants. The products, obtained from selected raw materials, are processed manually, in a natural way without additives.
The educational farm offers the possibility of following sensory paths to discover plants, their scents and uses. Organic beekeeping, completes our activities.
Bosco delle rune
Bosco delle rune
Bosco delle rune
The accommodation, open all year round and surrounded by greenery as evidence of how man and nature can coexist harmoniously, is particularly suitable for couples, lone adventurers, families and for organizing events. In this environment it will be easy to relax and recreate, appreciating the simple and genuine surrounding atmosphere.
Possibility of excursions, on foot and by bicycle to discover the environment, or to participate in many other activities to be discovered. The certified wood company offers the supply and transport of wood for burning.
Bosco delle rune
Bosco delle Rune - giovedì 5 sett. 2018 - 66
It is a family-run business surrounded by the greenery of an isolated and unspoiled valley, in a corner of Italy where Friulian traditions, the charm of sport and the magic of the landscape are perfectly combined. Typical Friulian farmhouse with catering service (Friulian cuisine, respectful of traditions and seasons) and accommodation in comfortable rooms with simple furnishings.
Original setting for weddings, ceremonies, parties or gatherings. The horse riding center has a complete and modern structure, offers lessons and / or walks, organizes competitions, workshops and summer camps.
campo di bonis
Gran Monte was born from the dream of Andrea, a boy from the plains, who decided to change his life and commit himself to the development of this mountain area, through a multifunctional company. Andrea raises bees, cultivates vegetables and small fruits following the organic method.
He will also host you in his farmhouse accommodation: a cozy mountain cottage nestled in the woods.
Gran Monte
Gran Monte
Gran Monte
Our beekeeping company, founded in 2010 with passion for nature and the environment, offers you the genuine products that we consume every day as a family. The range of honeys we offer are the result of the fusion of traditional notions with the most modern beekeeping techniques and best represent
the biodiversity that characterizes the Friulian foothills. From autumn 2020, additional products from the hive will be available as well as potatoes, radicchio and brovada turnips.
Tasty and, at the same time, refined dishes typical of the “past times” are offered. On Sundays and in an extremely familiar environment, you can enjoy: slicniaki, potato frico, game, the herb omelette, the onion salami, the zingarijno mocenje followed by the homemade desserts, all washed down with excellent local wines.
From Monday to Saturday a fixed price menu is offered complete with: first course, second course, side dish, water, wine and coffee. Reservations are always welcome, closing day is on Tuesday.
Sedola Ettore
Sedola Ettore
Sedola Ettore
We practice organic farming in the mountains, paying attention to the environment and local cultural traditions, mainly producing beans, the “Giant of Platischis” variety, primitive red garlic, apples, turnips and potatoes. We use our own seeds and almost all products are processes by us.
The accommodation offers an essential but functional welcome, suitable for individuals, families and organized groups, with the possibility of accessing illustrative paths of the company’s production methods.
Aglio Società Agricola di Platischis
Società agricola di platischis
Fagioli Società Agricola di Platischis
Since 2008 we have been raising goats on pasture, following the natural cycle of the seasons. In our agricultural chees farm we handcraft tasty raw milk cheeses, ricotta and yogurt. In our store you can find all the goodness of the territory.

We are waiting for you, come for a visit at our farm, for a tasting or a walk on the goat pastures.