The Project

“But now, for a certain period of time, there is still the possibility of freely making a decision,
the decision to take a course that is different from what we have covered in the past.
We can still choose to align our intelligence with that of nature.”

Joseph Beuys

The origins of Bosco delle Rune date back to 2013 when Gianni, moved by the desire to take control of his life again and direct it towards a different horizon, focused on real, simple and essential things, leaves his previous job that had brought him around the world and moves to Platischis, a village of thirty souls in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where he has worked and lived since that day. He falls in love with this place, rich in traditions and culture linked to nature, he decides to stop here! He buys an abandoned house in the woods, about 3 km from the village, he renovates it and turns it into a farm with a bed & breakfast.
In the following years, Gianni meets other people who, like him previously, have opted for more conscious, responsible and attentive choices towards the natural rhythms of life and who want to share all this in the name of true collaboration, in contact with Nature, open to dialogue with others and to an international exchange. This creates synergies that give life to a project which, thanks to a dedicated commitment, hard work and a common vision of life, becomes reality.
In recent years there have been many people who, for various reasons, have approached the project, some stopped, some left, some will remain forever in the heart and some disappeared into thin air, but all, really all and for the time they shared, gave their small / big contribution, with their way of being or even just giving the experience of meeting them.
This made the people involved in the project grow and evolved their way of being together and sharing, creating, over time, a close and motivated team.

The Project, supported by people and companies that integrate and / or collaborate with each other, aims to create and support a community that:

  • promotes a healthy lifestyle, in harmony with the nature that surrounds them;
  • protects the quality of life of the people who live, work and stay there;
  • promotes both the protection of the natural, cultural and social resources of the territory in which it operates, and a different model of social-economic development.
In detail, the following activities are developed and promoted:
  • Tourist accommodation
  • Forestry activities and landscape maintenance activities
  • Organic farming
  • Transformation and sale of organic and handicraft products
  • Beekeeping
  • Workshops and training courses
  • International volunteer exchange programs, to foster intercultural experiences
  • Cultural, musical, social and sporting events
The various activities are carried out aiming at self-sustainability, minimum waste production, particular attention to recycling, production and use of energy from renewable sources.

"“Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

The people who live and work within the project:

  • are determined and animated by a spirit of personal initiative / resourcefulness because, in practice, it is a matter of being an entrepreneur of yourself and putting yourself in the game daily;
    prefer and have a simple lifestyle that is attentive to the care and protection of the environment, making conscious and sustainable choices on a daily basis;
  • live, in everyday life, the real meaning of the term “collaboration” because every single intervention and choice made on the field must take into account the needs of the place and of the people who already live there, or would like to live there;
  • have a good dose of humility combined with the desire to learn or share practical and manual skills, given that the activities and construction sites are many and articulated;
  • follow training courses, both internal and external;
  • are “flexible” by developing their ability to adapt every day, especially in a real environment such as the mountain, which on the one hand enhances their personality and creativity, but on the other requires a lot of work and constant commitment to make their dreams come true.

Who can find an opportunity here, specifically, and as part of a possible cooperation with our project:

  • who wants to develop or have specific experience, knowledge and / or skills in the field of rural hospitality (accommodation, catering, etc.), agriculture, woodland and / or livestock farming;
  • who wants to engage or wants to deal with educational, cultural, sociological activities and planning of training courses;
  • who, beyond age and personal experiences, is animated by good will, humility and the desire to get involved, with an open and dynamic mind;
  • who has his/her own planning, which can be integrated with what currently exists and seeks ways to achieve it in a real and concrete way.

Any desire for sharing, initial collaboration and mutual knowledge and testing, can be carried out as a support to the various activities we have already developed, in terms of au pair exchange: room and board in exchange of work. Subsequently and in a medium-long term perspective, the real possibility may arise: to become one of the subjects involved in the project and / or open your own business.

Here you will find:

  • a simple and friendly environment and a life on a human scale;
  • the possibility of expressing personal skills and attitudes, carrying out activities in a group and / or in complete autonomy;
  • the opportunity to learn how to use various types of equipment, while carrying out daily activities and jobs;
  • convivial moments of diaologue and growth with people from all over the world, of different cultures and experiences, but with the common goal of a healthy and conscious life;
  • participation to courses / training courses, both internal and external;
  • decent living spaces, with services and utilities also from renewable energies.

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