Education & Training

“Every time we learn something new, we ourselves become something new.”

Leo Buscaglia

Bosco delle Rune is a permanent experiment where the designing and the activities to be developed are constantly updated and redefined; in this way it is possible to maintain high quality standards, allowing meeting and exchanges of people from different orientations and cultural characteristics, with whom we relate with curiosity and a spirit of authentic hospitality.

A fundamental aspect of Bosco delle Rune’s training project is to pay attention and interest to integrated educational, training and growth programs that allow, first of all to our Team and subsequently to our guests / visitors, a path of professional and human growth.
Bosco delle rune
Our partecipation to the various national and international circuits of voluntary work, with the formula of food & lodging in exchange of training / work, grants meeting people from different countries, guaranteeing intercultural experiences and exchanging of ideas with realities other than ours.

Collaborations with the University of Udine and with various schools in the Region allow us to have direct contact and exchange with the young guests here with a kind of internship modality called “alternating school-work”; an innovative teaching method that, through practical experience, helps to enrich the educational path of children, consolidating the knowledge acquired at school by testing them in the field. The practice and development of specific projects, in line with their study plan, can be a valid orientation for future professional choices.
Our training offer includes educational, practical and professionalizing activities characterized by:
  • multisectoral training;
  • designing and development of the training activities based on the individual needs of the client / applicant company;
  • customization of lessons and teaching material;
  • differentiated structures and spaces suitable for hosting the most diverse activities;
  • teachers, speakers and / or designers prepared and selected to supply training courses, also funded by national, regional and inter-professional funding channels, where an appropriate logistical and organizational platform is guaranteed;
  • secretarial support and coordination of activities for external teaching staff.

List of training courses proposed:

  • Team building
  • PDCA Cycle or Deming Cycle
  • First Aid (BLS)
  • Pediatric First Aid (PBLS)
  • AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • Orienteering
“Registration is always open, upon reaching the minimum number of participants for each training course, the same will be scheduled; for each activity and / or path, the learning material and the relative certificate of participation / patent valid at national and / or international level will be provided. ”

"Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information."

Albert Einstein

Bosco delle rune